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  • Sandeep Singh

Wiremesh Cable trays in Food Plant

As per our previous article on Wiremesh Cable trays, it is beneficial for use of Wiremesh Cable trays almost in all applications for laying of all Power and Control Cables for proper routing of cables.

In this article we want to highlight few advantages while using Wiremesh cable trays into Flour Milling in Powder Plants

Less deposition means less space for formation of insects or bacteria in plant. Usually all plants maintenance team clean their machines during shutdown, mainly they clean all machines & ground surface and forget to clean electrical cable trays. So chances of bacterial and other insects are very high.

As SS is anti-rust material, user can easily wash cable trays to maintain proper hygiene in plant.

1- Very Less deposition of Powder on cable tray surface -

2- Washing of Cable Trays easily possible in SS Wiremesh Cable Trays -

3- Easily dropping of cables from any desired place.

4- None additional accessories required like TEE / Y Junction / Bends etc. All can be made with trays by simple wire cutting technique.

5- Antirust performance in any kind of harsh environment.

6- Fast Installation, as weight is low and no predefined accessories are required.

7- Better cooling to air as these trays provide more cooling surface to cables.

8- It looks better compare to other cable trays. Its a standard product in Europe / USA and other major countries.

9- These cable trays uses less accessories, so your spare / accessories requirement will be reduced.

10- All Rodents and Insects can be easily identified by visual inspection.

11- Easy to inspect qualityof work done by cabling vendor. 

12- Cables dropping can be made more clear and visible.

13- All kind of bending radius can be formed, which is not possible to make by other cable tray systems.

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